Wall Of Honor

A great visibility opportunity for your business

Wall of Honor Greater Magnolia Chamber Of Commerce

Get Your business name seen in the chamber of Commerce lobby

The Greater Magnolia Parkway Chamber of Commerce moved into its new location on February 16, 2018. We quickly realized that the large lobby will allow the Chamber to feature members on a new “Chamber Wall of Honor.” Like other chambers with great foot traffic, visibility and visitors, when new members walk in we can feature great local businesses who are already influential members of our chamber. This is a great marketing opportunity for your business and a great way to be featured in our chamber office.

All are for the life of the office (as long as the company remains a member of the Chamber, of course!) and come with a special “Thank You” area on the Chamber’s website.

We would like to ask your commitment to become a member of our Wall of Honor. Click Here for the WOH Commitment Form 8-21-2021

The Wall of Honor has 3 levels

Level 1

  • Large Plaque
  • Company Name
  • Large Logo

Level 2

  • Large Plaque
  • Company Name
  • Smaller Logo

Level 3

  • Small Plaque
  • Company Name