Montgomery County Hospital District

An official Magnolia Parkway Chamber Ribbon Cutting was held for the Montgomery County Hospital District at their Administrative Offices in Conroe.  MCHD EMS Technicians held the banner as “” held the ceremonial scissors during the official welcome. Also in attendance was Chamber President Kelly Hamann, Board Members Mark Escott, Ulises Larramendi and Patricia Cooper, Ambassador Janet Owens and MCHD staff. Attendees received a thorough tour of the building, including a very educational visit to the MCHD dispatch. “” told the group that they receive around 50,000 calls per year. Dispatchers are equipped with software that delivers statistics in real time based on historical data. The MCHD team also stressed the importance of CPR certification, citing that several lives had been saved just by having a CPR certified person at the scene of the incident. For more information visit their website at