Chamber endorses the Magnolia ISD $92 million bond

The Magnolia Parkway Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Magnolia Chamber of Commerce endorse the Magnolia ISD $92 million bond referendum.

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Montgomery County is the 7th fastest growing county in the nation and we are seeing the growth within our community. The $92 million MISD school bond referendum addresses the growth and aging facilities. MISD facilities department has been commended for an excellent job of maintaining older facilities. This package will help with larger projects such as upgrades for heating and cooling, roofing, and lighting that a yearly operating budget cannot sustain. The package also includes technology, additional buses and enhancing safety and security, and maintenance for every campus.

The MISD administration has been an excellent steward of taxpayers’ dollars and has a very prudent plan for providing high quality education for our students through efficient means. This bond positions the district for the future and their dedication to be the best district in the state of Texas.

Proposition II, the conference center, will be the first in our area that truly unites the Magnolia community. The 20,000 square foot facility will provide the fundamental needs for our students, parents and community to celebrate successes, host events and professional development for the district faculty.  Both chambers have benefited from the growth in our area and will be able to better serve hundreds of businesses and individuals in a centrally located facility where unity can be exhibited through support and promotion of business and economic development.

The chambers delight in promoting the excellence and strength of the academic standards set by the school district.  MISD provides strong, and well educated students eager to engage in new and existing businesses and be a viable part of the job growth in our community.

We urge everyone to join us in voting yes for the MISD bond.

Kelly Hamann, President
Magnolia Parkway Chamber of Commerce

Dona Hunt, Executive Director
Greater Magnolia Chamber of Commerce